map -is:module

`map f xs` applies the function `f` to all elements of the list `xs` and returns the list of results (in the same order as `xs`).
Apply a function over each element in the non-empty list.
A `Map k v` is an associative array data type composed of a collection of key/value pairs of key type `k` and value type `v` such that each possible key appears at most once in the collection.
Apply an applicative function to each element of a list.
The `mapAccumL` function combines the behaviours of `map` and `foldl`; it applies a function to each element of a list, passing an accumulating parameter from left to right, and returning a final value of this accumulator together with the new list.
The `mapOptional` function is a version of `map` which can throw out elements. In particular, the functional argument returns something of type `Optional b`. If this is `None`, no element is added on to the result list. If it is `Some b`, then `b` is included in the result list.
Map each element of a structure to an action, evaluate these actions from left to right, and collect the results.
A class for types that can be used as keys for the `Map` type. All keys `k` must satisfy `keyFromText (keyToText k) == k`.
The `TextMap a` type represents an associative array from keys of type `Text` to values of type `a`.
Map a function over each element of a list, and concatenate all the results.
`fmap` takes a function of type `a -> b`, and turns it into a function of type `f a -> f a`, where `f` is the type which is an instance of `Functor`. For example, `map` is an `fmap` that only works on lists. It takes a function `a -> b` and a `[a]`, and returns a `[b]`.
Map over both arguments at the same time. ```` @'bimap' f g ≡ 'first' f '.' 'second' g@ ```` Examples: ``` >>> bimap not (+1) (True, 3) (False,4) >>> bimap not (+1) (Left True) Left False >>> bimap not (+1) (Right 3) Right 4 ```
Combine the elements of a structure using a monoid.
Create a `Map` from a `TextMap`.
Convert a `Map` into a `TextMap`.
Create a `Set` from a `TextMap`.
Convert a `Set` into a `TextMap`.